Summer 1999


Table of Contents:

The Bus Stop: An Event by the Balagtasan Collective (pdf)
Terry Valen

Rethinking Bus Stops (pdf)
James T. Rojas

Teleurbanism and Los Angeles: Free Calls All Weekend Long (pdf)
Ted Kane

A Synergy of the Physical and the Social (pdf)
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

William H. Whyte: Seeing, Looking, Observing, and Learning from the City (pdf)
Mustaffa Dikeç and Liette Gilbert

People I've Been, Places I've Met (pdf)
Seth O. Stark

Visualization Tools and Public Participation: From Crayons to Computers (pdf)
Kheir Al-Khodmany

Case+Study = Case Study? A Methodological Inquiry into Image Production at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin (pdf)
Ute Angelika Lehrer

Planning Methods at the Onset of the 21st Century (pdf)
Abel Valenzuela, Jr.

Empire (pdf)
Michelle Har Kim

Advocacy Planning and the Question of the Self and the Other (pdf)
Orit Stieglitz

Transformative Community Practice

Theoretical Underpinnings of Urban Planning Practice
Michele McGrath

Beyond Outreach: A Model of University "Affirmative Investment in Low Income Communities
Neal Richman

The Stimulus of Remembering (pdf)
Edward W. Soja

Building Images I-III (pdf)
Evan Nisonson

Urban Revitalization in an Ethnic Enclave: Huntington Park, CA 1965-1998 (pdf)
Robert J. Rodino

A New Subdivision in a Chicano Barrio (pdf)
Richard Edward Martínez

Gendered Planning, Inside/Out? (pdf)
Jacqueline Leavitt

Planning and the Implementation of Welfare Reform (pdf)
Pau. M. Ong

Six Easy Roads to Planning Perdition (pdf)
John Friedmann

Book Review: Los Angeles: Globalization, Urbanization & Social Struggles (pdf)
Julie-Anne Boudreau

The Critical Planning Salons (pdf)
Reuben De Leon