Volume 21: Fall 2014


Volume 21: Fall 2014

Volume 21: Fall 2014


Editorial Note
Brady Collins

Agenda 21: Pathway to a Better Tomorrow or Global Conspiracy to Subjugate Individual Rights?
Holli Fajack

License to Ride: Free Public Transportation for Residents of Tallinn
Derek Galey

A Forgotten Dimension: The Significance of Power Dynamics in Assessing Female Employment and Empowerment in Urban Bangladesh
Carolyn Abrams & Ana Luna

The Re-Urbanization of Catalhoyuk
Marcia Rosalie Hale

Where Health, Planning, and Community Empowerment Meet: A Rapid Health Impact Assessment Model and its Application in Los Angeles
Jonathan Heller, Sara Satinsky, Jennifer Lucky, & Becky Dennison

Eco-Certification of Natural Rubber: Demand, Supply, and Potential Implications of Private Global Environmental Governance
Sean F. Kennedy

Sustainability or Connectivity? The Neoliberal Logics of Train Station Area Development
Elena Bixel

Costa Del Sol: Living Between the Lines
Chema Segovia Collado & Jesus Quintanilla Azzarelli

In the Crosshairs: The Role of the Local State in a Contemporary Process of Neighborhood Redevelopment in Central Illinois
Scott Humphrey

Luskin in Detroit
UCLA Luskin Students

Transit Access and Regional Coordination in Metropolitan Detroit
Jeremiah LaRose, Alyssa Netto, & Trevor Thomas

Stumped by Detroit's Vacant Land Process? Illustrating the Role of the Detroit Land Bank Authority
Lucia Fischer, Naria Kiani, Lilly O'Brien-Kovari, Aaron Ordower


The Scramble for the Amazon and the "Lost Paradise" of Euclides da Cunha by Susanna Hecht
Lee Mackey

Keys to the City: How Economics, Institutions, Social Interaction, and Politics Shape Development by Michael Storper
Marcia Hale

My Los Angeles:From Economic Restructuring to Regional Urbanization by Edward W. Soja
Brady Collins


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