Volume 20: The future

Milestone anniversaries represent opportunities both to reflect on the past and to look toward the future. In selecting our theme for the twentieth volume of Critical Planning, we emphasized the latter approach: we sought out perspectives on the future of urban planning. The articles, essays, and interviews selected for inclusion in this volume discuss a wide variety of forces that will shape not only the cities of the future, but the planners who seek to guide them. 

Lisa Berglund
Brady Collins
Paloma Giottonini
Carole Turley 

Volume 20: The Future

Table of Contents

Editorial Note
The Editors

Twenty Years of Critical Planning
Ute Lehrer

What We Have Learned: The Road Ahead
John Friedmann

Big Data: The Promise of a “Computational” Social Science
Chirag Rabari

Local Identity and Digital Infrastructure in the Built Environment: Learning from Seoul, South Korea
Dr. Hee Sun Choi and Dr. Alan Reeve

Assessing “Intelligent” Investment: The Smart City’s Perpetuation of Neoliberal Urbanism
Anna Ponting

The Paper Promises of Digitization: Digitizing Spatial Information for Planning in the Chennai Metropolis
Bhuvaneswari Raman and Eric Denis

Contested Territory: The Evolving Spatial Geographies of Jian Sha Zhou Village
Joshua Bolchover

Jane in the Call Center: (In)securities from and Adaptations to Neoliberalization
Aparna Parikh

From the Ground Up: Reappropriation of Urban Infrastructure
Thomas Oommen and Radhika Singh

The Vanishing Poor: Frontier Narratives in New York City’s Gentrification and Security Debates
Sonja Schillings and Boris Vormann

Incentive Deserts: The Opportunities and Barriers to Solar PV Financing at UCLA
Laura Benjamin

Peak Sand: On the Limits of Resource Extraction Urbanisms in the Straits of Singapore
Lukas Pauer

The Unsustainable Cost of Sustainability: PlaNYC 2030 and the Future of New York City
Alessandro Busà

Review: Overdrive - L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990
Christina Gray

The Future of Urban Planning and Design: UCLA Faculty Interviews

  • Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
  • Dana Cuff
  • Leobardo Estrada
  • Jacqueline Leavitt


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