Resilient Cities (2010)


Well, I’m not excusing the fact that planning and preparedness was not where it should be. We’ve known for 20 years about this hurricane, this possibility of this kind of hurricane.

Michael Chertoff on CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. Aired Feb. 19, 20061

Theoretical concepts in academic and professional circles can seem to ebb and flow, as interest in an area gathers and dissipates. Judging from the recent number of conferences and special issues devoted to the subject (as well as the considerable response to our call for papers), resilience is having its moment. From its roots in ecology and the work of C.S. Holling in the 1970s, the concept has since been applied to such diverse fields as psychology, social welfare and disaster management.  For our seventeenth volume of Critical Planning, we have assembled a collection of papers that not only deepen traditional understandings of resilience, but also inform urban planning theory and practice.

Table of Contents

Editorial Note: Planning for Resiliency? (pdf)

Orly Linovski

Toward a Research Agenda on Transformative Resilience: Challenges and Opportunities for Post-Trauma Urban Ecosystems

Kevin Fox Gotham and Richard Campanella

Metropolitan Planning and Resilience Thinking: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Cathy Wilkinson, Libby Porter and Johan Colding

Lost in Translation: Resilience, Social Agency, and Water Planning in Tucson, Arizona

Majed Akhter, Kerri Jean Ormerod and Christopher A. Scott

Translating Resilience into the Urban Context: Past Successes and Future Uncertainties in Tokyo

Yoichi Kumagai, Robert B. Gibson and Pierre Filion

Urban Loopholes: Tactics of Survival and Manifestations of Desires in Damascus

Ying Zhou

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: Re-imagining Resilience in the Light of the Great Recession

Susan Christopherson

The Shadows of L.A.

Per-Johan Dahl

Sa ou fe, se li ou we: Rebuilding Governance in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Tisha Holmes

Recycling the City: Darning Downtown Phoenix

Nan Ellin and Kelly Turner

BOOK REVIEW What is a City? Rethinking the Urban After Hurricane Katrina (pdf)

Garett Ballard-Rosa