Urban Restructuring: Crisis and Process (2009)


"Urban restructuring is an integral part of the crisis-induced reorganization of capital and labor."                       

-Soja, Morales, and Wolff, “Urban Restructuring: An Analysis of Social and Spatial Change in Los Angeles”

We began conceptualizing this sixteenth volume of Critical Planning at an “exceptionally uncertain” time at
the peak of the financial crisis last autumn1—when the burst of the housing bubble and the collapse of the
subprime mortgage industry in the United States were sending shockwaves through markets and societies
around the world.


While new homeowners in Florida and California were defaulting on their adjustable-rate
mortgages, guarantors, banks, and insurance corporations in New York and London were falling bankrupt
or being nationalized. As stock markets plunged and unemployment rates rose, we braced ourselves for the
greatest global economic downturn since the 1940s.2 What did this crisis mean for urbanization, urban
studies, and urban planning? Did it bring into question the kind of neoliberal policies widely practiced since
the 1970s? Were we on the cusp of a new era of restructuring and if so, what might this new era consist of?


Table of Contents

Editorial Note: Crisis, “Recovery,” and Beyond (pdf)

Outside Endopolis: Notes from Contra Costa County (pdf)

Urban Restructuring and the Crisis: A Symposium with Neil Brenner, John Friedmann, Margit Mayer, Allen J. Scott, and Edward W. Soja (pdf)
Konstantina Soureli and Elise Youn

Restructuring, Rescaling, and the Urban Question
Neil Brenner

Postwar Political Restructuring in Freetown and Kabul: Theoretical Limits and the Test Case for Multiscalar Governance
Daniel E. Esser

Negotiating Livelihoods in a City of Difference: Narratives of Gentrification in Shanghai
Deljana Iossifova

From Fabrics to Fine Arts: Urban Restructuring and the Formation of an Art District in Shanghai
Sheng Zhong

Gentrification and the Loss of Employment Lands: Toronto’s Studio District
Ute Lehrer and Thorben Wieditz

The Renaissance of Inner-City Rail Station Areas: A Key Element in Contemporary Urban Restructuring Dynamics
Deike Peters

A Call for Organizing: The Rise of the Garment and Mobile Phone Industries in Bangladesh
Shomon Shamsuddin

Book Review: CPULs: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes
Jennifer Goldstein

Book Review: Planning and Decentralization: Contested Spaces for Public Action in the Global South (pdf)
David R. Mason

A Call for Critical Race Studies in Urban Planning
Maureen Purtill