Critical Planning journal, Volume 25 — CALL FOR Papers (CFP)

Social Justice and Planning

The world has become increasingly urbanized, globalized, and diverse. We have the ability to travel, communicate, and innovate at greater speeds and with billions of people from around the world. However, we are also witnessing unprecedented inequalities in wealth, which drive injustices throughout the world related to the environment, housing, food security, healthcare, education, and transportation.

Building off of the 24th edition of Critical Planning, “Spaces of Struggle,” the guiding theme of Volume 25 is “Social Justice and Planning.” For its 25th volume, Critical Planning invites critical research papers, book reviews, essays, literary journalism projects, poetry, and artistic projects addressing challenges and opportunities for social justice, equity, and opportunity both in the United States and internationally. How do social inequity, oppression, power, and privilege create an array of complex social problems? How are the rights, needs, and desires of certain groups prioritized over others? How have inequalities embedded into government and society been translated into both quantifiable outcomes and people’s lived experiences? How are communities and governments systemically, institutionally, and structurally addressing these issues? 

We encourage submissions that focus on race, ethnicity, class, and gender as well as those with a focus on older adults, children, the disabled, and/or LGBTQ+ populations. We also welcome submissions that focus on issues of geographic, environmental, and temporal equity.

Potential topics for submission include:

  • How underrepresented and disempowered groups have been excluded from mainstream/government/state planning and other governance mechanisms;
  • Insurgent spatial practices of non-state peoples;
  • How the costs and benefits of governance mechanisms have been unequally distributed among groups and communities;
  • Policies and programs that address the needs of underserved communities;
  • Effective strategies to improve the condition of marginalized populations and neighborhoods;
  • Public, private, and nonprofit systems and institutions that promote or suppress justice;
  • Political action, public engagement, and activism initiatives;
  • Impacts of globalization, neoliberalism, deindustrialization, privatization, and technology on social justice;
  • The development of social capital in diverse urban, rural, and regional areas; and
  • Social movements or grassroots as a form of resistance to class, racial, gender, and/or sexuality-based inequalities.



Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, and we highly encourage early submissions. Feel free to contact us by email at to discuss your ideas. Manuscripts should be submitted by email by 11:59pm PST on June 15, 2018.

Consult the author's guide for details about submission format

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