The Critical Planning Journal began in 1993 as a forum for the urban studies and planning communities to debate current issues, showcase emerging research, and propose new ideas concerning cities and regions. The journal attracts submissions from scholars, graduate students, and practitioners from across disciplinary boundaries and from around the world. Through our double-blind peer-review process, Critical Planning identifies and publishes insightful scholarly research with a critical approach. As one of the cores of intellectual life in the Urban Planning Department, the journal provides a convivial space for rigorous debate. Our public programs—including lectures, exhibitions, film screenings, and symposia—extend this work to audiences in Los Angeles and beyond. Critical Planning reaches an international subscriber base of urban planning scholars, students, practitioners, libraries, bookstores, and enthusiasts.


The core mission of Critical Planning is to promote criticality and social justice. We are committed to doing this through:

·       Advancing imaginative, nontraditional analyses and interpretations of contemporary issues.

·       Encouraging scholars and practitioners to remain self-reflexive and critical of the status quo

·       Seeking out works that elevate the voices of the underrepresented and explore new methods of empowering communities

·       Connecting different groups and individuals to the larger global movement for social justice.

In pursuit of these ends, Critical Planning also seeks out new forms of knowledge and modes of representation. The journal is thus not only a space for planning scholars and practitioners, but also activists, artists, organizers and others who take “the city,” however defined, as their object of inquiry.

We believe that in order to improve cities--make them more livable, environmentally sustainable, and equitable--we must first create a forum for all voices to contribute their perspective and way of knowing. Through the publication of a variety of formats, including photo essays, fictional narratives, visual art, op-eds, as well as original academic research, we hope to depart from the traditional hierarchy of academic journals, and collapse the hapless divide between the University and the public.



Managing Editors

  • Kenton Card — PhD Student, Urban Planning (2015-present)
  • Nicole Lambrou — PhD Student, Urban Planning (2016-present)
  • Andre Comandon — PhD Student, Urban Planning (2016-present)


Editorial Board

  • Maya Abood — Masters Student, City Planning**
  • Dennis Avila — Masters Student, Public Policy
  • Dimitar Anguelov — PhD Student, Geography
  • Jonathan Banfill — PhD Student, Social Sciences and Comparative Education
  • Donte Boyd — PhD Student, Social Welfare
  • Lily Brown — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Michael Calderon-Zaks — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Aaron Cayer — PhD Candidate, Architecture
  • Peter Chesney — PhD Student, History
  • Emma Colven — PhD Candidate, Geography
  • Rebecca Crane — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Joseph Daniels — PhD Student, Geography † ‖‖
  • William Davis — PhD Student, Architecture
  • Moselle DiPane — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Ana María Durán Calisto — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Nina Ebner —PhD Student, Geography †
  • Luis Flores — PhD Student, Sociology ††
  • Bri Gauger — PhD Student, Urban Planning ††
  • Randy Illum — PhD Student, Information Studies
  • Dian Tri Irawaty — PhD Student, Geography
  • Sean Kennedy — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Alex Linz — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Nerve Macaspac — PhD Candidate, Geography
  • Deepa Mehta — PhD Student, Urban Planning ‡
  • Sarah Mercurio — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Amelia Mueller-Williams — PhD Student, Social Welfare
  • Sam Nowak — PhD Student, Geography
  • Jacklyn Oh — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Jaehyeon Park — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Joe Penny — PhD Student, Planning ‡‡
  • Guy Pettit, MFA Student, Graphic Design ☞
  • Maria Francesca Piazzoni — PhD Student, Urban Planning §
  • Zachary Popp — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Destiny Preston — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Rodolfo L. Rodríguez — MURP/MPH Student, Urban Planning and Public Health ‖
  • Hudson Spivey — PhD Student, Geography
  • Diane Ward — PhD Candidate, Geography
  • Julie Wedig — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Gus Wendel — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Teo Wickland — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Trevor James Wideman — PhD Candidate, Geography §§
  • Kenny Wong — MURP/MArch Student, Urban Planning/Architecture and Urban Design


Contributing Reviewers

  • Silvia González — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Alyssa Koehn — MURP/MArch Student, Urban Planning/Architecture and Urban Design
  • C. Aujean Lee — PhD Student, Urban Planning
  • Ben Levy — PhD Student, Sociology ¶
  • Andrew Matsas — MURP Student, Urban Planning
  • Louis Monteils — MURP Student, Urban Planning


Past Managing Editors

  • Rebecca Crane
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Brady Collins
  • Lisa Berglund
  • Brady Collins 
  • Paloma Giottonini 
  • Carole Turley 


*Unless otherwise noted, STAFF are students at the University of California, Los Angeles.

** Massachusetts Institute of Technology

† University of British Columbia

†† University of Michigan

‡ Columbia University

‡‡ University College London

§ University of Southern California

§§ Simon Fraser University

‖ University of Colorado

‖‖ The University of Nottingham

¶ Northeastern University